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Introducing Harry

Yesterday I collected Harry, an eight week old kitten from Battersea Dogs and Cats home in Windsor. I was expecting him to be nervous for the first day but he has settled straight in, playing like crazy and sleeping on me. He didn’t like me keeping him out of the bedroom last night to sleep but hopefully that will get better soon. So look away now if you don’t like cat pictures otherwise enjoy!!!







Harry has already decided he likes to curl up and sleep on me when I’m in the most uncomfortable positions either on the stairs or cross-legged on the floor. He is also mesmerised by the TV and intrigued by my laptop, certain I’m trying to play a game with him not type. Or maybe there’s a bestseller in him, we shall have to wait and see 🙂





16 thoughts on “Introducing Harry”

  1. He’s adorable! Get used to him colonising you as a sleeping spot regardless of your comfort 🙂 Is that a meerkat impression he’s doing in front of the tv? One of mine does that too, to great comical effect!

    1. Yep he likes to fall asleep when I’m cross-legged on the floor and I lose all feeling in my legs 🙂 haha yep he also does a meerkat when he watches the washing machine 🙂

  2. So cute! Congratulations on your new kitty! Makes me want a new one, but I already have three cats.

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