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Flatlay Like A Boss 

  I've been asked quite a bit lately how I create flatlays for my Instagram so I thought it would be fun to share some tips. I always find flatlays generate a lot of attention on Instagram and I love looking at them myself. They are visually appealing and really stand out when you're scrolling through… Continue reading Flatlay Like A Boss 

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Unearthing gems in London

I am lucky enough to live a short train journey from London but I must admit I don't often take the time to explore new areas. Perhaps I'm not alone in missing things that are on my doorstep but as with most things in life if you take the time to look around you, you… Continue reading Unearthing gems in London

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As we walk in fields of purple

This week I visited Mayfield Lavender Farm which is open a few months a year when lavender is in bloom. It's basically a place to snap photos surrounded by lavender, breathing in the lovely fragrance and trying to avoid the bees and wasps crowded in the flowers. It was a cloudier day than had bene forecasted… Continue reading As we walk in fields of purple

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If only there was an Instagram filter for life

I avoided Instagram for a long time expecting it to just be a copy of Facebook and wondering if I could really handle yet another social media account but I must admit I'm loving being on there at the moment. I love seeing pictures from all round the world, and there is an endless supply… Continue reading If only there was an Instagram filter for life