A Jam Jar of Time – a poem

A jam jar of time - poem by @vwalterspoetry ©Victoria Walters Is everyone else finding time is moving so quickly? Maybe it’s because I’m getting older or it’s just the way life is now but sometimes it scares me how quickly the days feel like they are flying by. So I wondered what it would… Continue reading A Jam Jar of Time – a poem


Self-care tips for 2022 – how to stop fearing failure

As part of my self-care series on YouTube, I’ve uploaded a new video all about how to stop fearing failure. I really hope it gives you some inspiration and motivation for 2022... https://youtu.be/rcenfDRCCBc Let me know how you stop fearing failure in the comments xx

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I tried manifesting (Law of Attraction), journaling and meditation for one month and I reveal what happened in this video - how did I find them, did they work, and will I carry on doing these three things? If you've ever wanted to try manifesting, the Law of Attraction, writing in a journal, or meditation… Continue reading I TRIED MANIFESTING, JOURNALING, AND MEDITATION FOR ONE MONTH… HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED!



FIVE TIPS to make sure you don't quit your daydream! How to believe in yourself while trying to reach your goals, how to get that dream job or dream goal, and not let setbacks or failures stop you from making your dreams come true!! I hope this video will inspire and motivate you if you're… Continue reading HOW TO NOT QUIT YOUR DAYDREAM

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How to review 2020

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I'm back with a new YouYube video for you guys. I asked on Instagram if people would like a video reviewing 2020 as positively as we can and my followers voted yes so I've tried my best. There are three exercises that I'd love you to join… Continue reading How to review 2020

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On my book coming out next week…

I can't quite believe that my next novel is out next week - Hopeful Hearts at Glendale Hall. It's the third book in my bestselling Glendale Hall series but they can all be read as standalone stories too. I started this book at the start of 2020 and had to finish writing it during the UK Coronavirus lockdown in March. It was a surreal time… Continue reading On my book coming out next week…

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Cosy Writing, Cosy Life

Hello all! So, today I wanted to talk to you about how my books are often described as being 'cosy'. I actually love this as a description because I enjoy all things cosy and to know that my books have left you with a happy, warm glow at the end of reading them just really… Continue reading Cosy Writing, Cosy Life


My First Three Months as a Full-time Author

When I handed in my notice for my part-time job as a Waterstones bookseller, I had no idea that I wouldn't work my final week in my bookshop, nor would I get to say goodbye to colleagues over leaving drinks because during that final week, all non-essential shops were closed by the Government as the… Continue reading My First Three Months as a Full-time Author