Autumn Home Decor Haul

Autumn is my favourite season and I love adding autumn decor to my home so I have picked up some new pieces ready for this year and filmed a YouTube haul to show you my lovely finds. Let me know if you decorate for autumn and what you’ve picked up this year! If you love… Continue reading Autumn Home Decor Haul



Sharing another a day in the life of a full-time author video with you guys today - part of my monthly series showing you behind the scenes of writing my books! This month has been super exciting with loads going on including a paperback release, cover reveal, finish a book and exiting new deals so… Continue reading A VERY EXCITING MONTH…

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A productive working-from-home morning routine

My morning routine for a working-from-home day which helps me be super productive and motivates me to get my tasks done for the day! I'm a full time author and this routine helps me have a really productive work day. If you're also working from home I hope this will give you some inspiration for… Continue reading A productive working-from-home morning routine

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Living a Creative Life – the good, the bad, and the ugly

What is it it like to live a creative life or do a creative job? How do you live a creative life? Sharing my honest experiences as a full-time author, I look at the good and bad parts of making your living creatively. So if you are interested in what it's like to live a… Continue reading Living a Creative Life – the good, the bad, and the ugly

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My BUDGET Skincare Routine

Hi everyone! Today's YouTube video Is a look at my budget drugstore skincare routine! I show you everything I put on my skin in the mornings and evenings, how I remove makeup, and all my must-have products. Everything is under £10 and easy to find! I hope you enjoy following my skincare routine and how… Continue reading My BUDGET Skincare Routine

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Going Gluten-Free – three month review

Hi everyone, I just uploaded a three month review on going gluten-free on my YouTube channel! I get nervous talking about my health so your support is really appreciated on this video... I'd love to nkow if any of you guys are are gluten-free and how you've found it. Do let me know in… Continue reading Going Gluten-Free – three month review

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I've decided to start new monthly series on my YouTube channel - days in my life as a writer / full-time author, and I just posted the first one. So this series will be a behind-the-scenes look at writing my bestselling women's fiction series Glendale Hall, and all the news about my new book very… Continue reading DAYS IN THE LIFE OF A WRITER// Vlog 1

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I have been working from home as a full-time author since March 2020 and as more of us are working from home now, I thought I would share ten tips for how to be more productive. I share what has worked for me and I hope it will be motivating and inspiring to anyone else… Continue reading HOW TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE WORKING FROM HOME – ten tips!

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I decided for the first time to create a vision board so I can visualise and hopefully achieve all my goals for 2021. I decided to make a digital one as I open my laptop every day and it will be something inspiring and motivating to look at whenever I work. I made a video… Continue reading CREATE a VISION BOARD for 2021