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Make a Spotify playlist with me

Who has followed this blog since the beginning? Hit like or tell me in the comments if you remember my old weekly post called Sunday Songs? I used to share new songs I loved each week on here but then Spotify came along and I started to use that and just make playlists and share… Continue reading Make a Spotify playlist with me

Coming Home to Glendale Hall, playlist

Glendale Hall Playlist!

I'm so excited to share with you today the playlist for my Glendale Hall books series! These are songs that I listened to while I was writing the books, songs that inspired the books and which remind me of them too, and I really hope you enjoy listening to it - why not pop it… Continue reading Glendale Hall Playlist!

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Merry Christmas playlist

It's that time of year when all the festive tunes come out! So, I thought I'd share my Christmas Spotify playlist, which has all my favourite festive tunes on it below! Have a listen and tell me what you think:🎄 What's your favourite Christmas song? Victoria xoxo                … Continue reading Merry Christmas playlist

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The Second Love Of My Life playlist

Guys - the novel is out tomorrow!!! I can't believe it. It has been such a long journey and now we're finally here. To celebrate I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share the playlist for the book with you all and then you can listen as you read along if you like. The… Continue reading The Second Love Of My Life playlist

Dancing in the Fire, Music

Dancing in the Fire playlist   Writing and music have always gone hand in hand for me. It would be an impossible choice for me to choose between books and music, I’ve grown up loving and collecting both. I still even buy CD’s much as I still buy paperbacks, just call me old-school! I always have music on when… Continue reading Dancing in the Fire playlist