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Happy Sunday everyone! I'm excited to share today's YouTube video with you guys - a calm and relaxing afternoon routine! Spend a spring afternoon with me showing you my favourite activities to help unwind, relax, and feel calm. We all need a reset day and time to destress so I hope this video will inspire… Continue reading A CALM AND RELAXING AFTERNOON ROUTINE

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A productive working-from-home morning routine

My morning routine for a working-from-home day which helps me be super productive and motivates me to get my tasks done for the day! I'm a full time author and this routine helps me have a really productive work day. If you're also working from home I hope this will give you some inspiration for… Continue reading A productive working-from-home morning routine

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I tried manifesting (Law of Attraction), journaling and meditation for one month and I reveal what happened in this video - how did I find them, did they work, and will I carry on doing these three things? If you've ever wanted to try manifesting, the Law of Attraction, writing in a journal, or meditation… Continue reading I TRIED MANIFESTING, JOURNALING, AND MEDITATION FOR ONE MONTH… HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED!



FIVE TIPS to make sure you don't quit your daydream! How to believe in yourself while trying to reach your goals, how to get that dream job or dream goal, and not let setbacks or failures stop you from making your dreams come true!! I hope this video will inspire and motivate you if you're… Continue reading HOW TO NOT QUIT YOUR DAYDREAM

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I decided for the first time to create a vision board so I can visualise and hopefully achieve all my goals for 2021. I decided to make a digital one as I open my laptop every day and it will be something inspiring and motivating to look at whenever I work. I made a video… Continue reading CREATE a VISION BOARD for 2021

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PLAN WITH ME for 2021

A plan with me video to start off the New Year! 2021 planning including goal setting, theme word, new stationery, and starting this year off as positively and as organised as possible! I share all my goals for the year ahead and how I'm trying to plan to reach them, and hopefully this will motivate… Continue reading PLAN WITH ME for 2021

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How to review 2020

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I'm back with a new YouYube video for you guys. I asked on Instagram if people would like a video reviewing 2020 as positively as we can and my followers voted yes so I've tried my best. There are three exercises that I'd love you to join… Continue reading How to review 2020

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Summer Reading Routine

We are about to hit a heatwave here in the UK and so I'm spending more time outside either in the garden or walking to some local spots. I love reading outside although my hay fever is really bad right how - do you? I found this gorgeous field just a ten minute walk from… Continue reading Summer Reading Routine

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How to Create a Fictional Town

I've noticed that a lot of my readers, in their reviews and messages to me, mention the settings of my novels and they wish they were real places. So I thought it would be interesting to talk about how I create the settings of my novels. Littlewood in my new novel is shown on the… Continue reading How to Create a Fictional Town