Hopeful Hearts at Glendale Hall, Musings

On my book coming out next week…

I can’t quite believe that my next novel is out next weekHopeful Hearts at Glendale Hall. It’s the third book in my bestselling Glendale Hall series but they can all be read as standalone stories too.

I started this book at the start of 2020 and had to finish writing it during the UK Coronavirus lockdown in March. It was a surreal time to be writing but I was grateful to have the lovely world of Glendale to escape to. 

This time, Heather is the main character and I was eager to show that the Heather we had seen in the first two Glendale Hall books wasn’t always the whole truth, that sometimes she felt the need to show everyone just how capable she was even if underneath, she was struggling. I think we all do that sometimes. Heather is a worrier, just like me, and her anxiety sometimes stops her from enjoying her life as much as she should. It was interesting to climb inside Heather’s head during such an anxious time for the world, and even though I decided not to mention the virus and keep Glendale as the escape we all need it to be, I felt like I understood her mindset even more.

I hope that Heather finds a place in your hearts like she has in mine, and that if you are a worrier like us you know that you are also a warrior, and you are capable of anything you want to do. 

If you have read any of my books then I’d like to say a massive thank you! I’ve had such wonderful messages about the Glendale books. Honestly, it’s amazing to know that so many of you love reading these stories as much as I love writing them. Writing is such a solitary profession anyway, and I decided to write full-time just as we went into lockdown, so it’s been such a support knowing there are so many of you out there waiting to read this third Glendale story.

Thank you so much to anyone who has contacted me this year, or followed me on social media – your messages have brightened my day so many times, and your support really does mean the world to me. 

I hope you stay safe and well, and that you enjoy escaping to Glendale once again in this book. Glendale is ready to welcome you all back with open arms to a snowy Scottish Christmas with a cup of hot chocolate and a slice of cake!

If you do get a copy of this book, I really hope you enjoy it. And please do pop a review up on Amazon if you can, and come and say hello to me on social media too. 

Lots of love,

Victoria xxx



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