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Dancing in the Fire release day!

Can’t quite believe that today I have become a published author!

YAY! *runs around* *trips and falls over*

Dancing in the Fire can be downloaded and read right NOW. (All the links you need are at the end of this post!)

dancing in the fire2

This is how I’m feeling in gifs:







But I am at the party hurrah! And I’m very excited to have something published and I hope anyone who has downloaded the story enjoys it.

It’s had a five star rating already *FLAILS*


Mostly I’m just grateful to everyone who has downloaded the story and everyone who has sent me a lovely message about it today!





Download Dancing in the Fire NOW! Available for 99p through Amazon, iBooks, Nook and Kobo; and for $1.48 on You can also get it in Australia on Amazon and iBooks.Β 

13 thoughts on “Dancing in the Fire release day!”

  1. Well done you. I’ve been popping over to your Blog for about four years now ( gasp ) so I know what this means to you. Congratulations on your success. You have been determined and never given up your dream and you every right to be very proud of yourself πŸ™‚

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