Journey to publication (part 3)

In the last part of my journey, I had sent back copy edits on The Second Love Of My Life to my publisher and that meant the next step was page proofs! This means the manuscript is typeset to how it will look as a book but on paper for me to go through and check for any errors.

This was the first time it started to look like a book and reading it through again was quite scary as I was looking for final errors and seeing it pretty much as it will be when you guys read it! Here’s a sneaky peek:

Once I sent back my corrections, I then started on edits for the short story ebook prequel The Summer I Met You, which will be released two months before the novel. 

I also wrote a blog post for Waterstones about how it feels to be both a bookseller and author: https://www.waterstones.com/blog/from-bookseller-to-author-by-victoria-walters

This has been helping to take my mind off the fact my bound proofs were being printed ….

And now here they are!!These are  uncorrected  proofs (so based on the copy edited manuscript and not including changes I made at page proof stage) and are produced for people to review the novel. So they get sent to magazines and book bloggers and booksellers and other authors to hopefully build buzz for the book.

They are so pretty!! My little story is a book!!! I still can’t quite believe it!!! 

 I’m running a giveaway over on Twitter to win a signed proof so pop over and take part:  https://mobile.twitter.com/vicky_walters/status/666900162070097920

We are getting so close to publication now! Just five months to go …



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