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Journey to publication (part 4)

We are now in publication year hurrah!! We are getting very close now guys *nervous excited nervous excited face*

2016 started on a really high note as The Second Love Of My Life was featured in Heat magazine as one of the books of the year to look out for. To say I was over the moon about this is an understatement. There’s my little book hanging out in Heat:

Still taking it in that this happened to be honest. 

The new year meant review copies could go out to bloggers too. I have loved seeing everyone share photos of them arriving and seeing the excitement online to read them.
In fact, there has already been a review for The Second Love Of My Life on Goodreads! And it was a lovely five star review. Year made already! I am though really nervous about reviews. I keep being told not to read any and that is really hard not to do but I definitely see why that advice exsists. I just really hope people will enjoy reading it and all the hard work put into it will pay off. I just have to remember I’m proud of this book and having it out there in the world is an achievement in itself.

Just three months to go now eeeeekkkkkkkk!!!!! Any advice for me as publication approaches??



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