Happy Bookiversary To Me! 

My debut novel The Second Love Of My Life was first published here in the UK a year ago today! It was a dream come true to hold the book in my hands and see it on the book shelves. And it still is.

I still receive messages from readers who have enjoyed the book and that is always the most wonderful feeling. Getting published was a long journey for me, and for most writers, so knowing the book has found a place in someone’s heart just makes it all worthwhile.  

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who got a copy and supported the book’s release (and who are still supporting it and me!). Being a writer can be lonely sometimes and it’s easy to doubt yourself so knowing that someone has enjoyed your book is a huge boost and you guys have put a smile on my face so many times since publication.

Lots of love and hugs,




One month on 

 Wow how has it been a month since my novel was published?! It’s all been a whirlwind and I’ve neglected to share some of the fab things that have happened on here.

Appearing in my local newspapers …


 A review in a national newspaper! The Daily Mail …

Magazine reviews … 

I also wrote a short story for The Express newspaper and you can read it online here: 


And I had my first book signing at Waterstones in Windsor …

But the best thing to happen this month has been receiving messages from readers to say that they’ve enjoyed reading my book. It means so much to me! 

Thank you so much everyone who has read and reviewed the book. So happy to see this on Amazon ….


And now I’m hoping that I’ll get to do all this all over again 🙂 





On being published 

The question I keep being asked is “how does it feel now that your book is published?” So I am going to attempt to put the feeling into words. 

It’s exciting and wonderful. It’s a dream come true. It’s terrifying. It’s nerve wracking. It’s surreal. It’s like pulling out your heart and sticking it on a book shelf for all to see. 

My book has been out for over two weeks. I’ve seen it in the shops. I’ve read reviews. I’ve served customers in the bookshop I work in buying it. I’ve obsessed over my Amazon ranking. I’ve signed copies. I’ve smiled. I’ve cried. I feel as if it’s all been a blur. As if I’m in a dream world. It’s so strange to have people talking about something I’ve written. 

I also feel loss. I have lost all control. I have no power over my book now. I can make no more changes to it. I can’t make people like it. They either will or they won’t. I am the author but it’s as though the book has become its own being now. It stands separately from me after being part of me for so long. It’s on its own now. 

I have had messages from people saying they loved reading it. I have had people saying they are proud of me. I feel proud. I have achieved something. I tried for a long time to get published, and here I am. A published author. The journey was long and hard but now I can say that it was all worthwhile. 

I feel grateful. I am grateful. To anyone that has bought it. Who has read my words. Who has told me how it made them feel. Who has reviewed it. Who has let it into their hearts. And for those who might still discover it. I hope too. Hope that it does well, of course. Hope that readers will embrace it, and me. 

I think the best part of being published is that my book is in the world with my name on it and that can never be taken away from me. 

And that is an amazing feeling. 


To celebrate the book being out for two weeks, I left a copy on the train for someone to find!




Top Five Writing Tips

Time for a new video on my YouTube channel! 

Today I’m taking about my writing tips. I keep being asked for them so I thought it would be fun to film me talking through my top five tips. 

1 – Write your way

2 – Read

3 – Keep going

4 – Get feedback

5 – Edit like a BOSS

Hope you enjoy the video (and my Star Wars t-shirt) and why not share your tips in the comments below?




The Second Love Of My Life Launch Party 

It was wonderful to launch the publication of my debut novel The Second Love Of My Life at the Waterstones store I work in. 

The evening was a chance to thank all my family and friends for their support during my journey to get published and toast the book on its way out into the world.


I signed copies of the book for everyone and it was so surreal to see people buying something I had written. It was a real dream come true moment. 

 And here I am with the team who worked on the book at Headline, my  publishers:


The lovely George Lester filmed the speech by my editor Emily and mine, which turned me into an emotional wreck! Here it is:

It was a lovely evening and I was so grateful that so many came to celebrate the book with me. 




Journey to publication (part 7)

The Second Love Of My Life is released next week! I can’t believe how close we are to publication. I am excited and terrified and it feels surreal and a little it crazy that people can finally buy a book with my name on!

I have two exciting pieces of news to share. Firstly, I am thrilled that Amazon UK have chosen the book as their debut of the month for April yay!


WH Smith have picked the book to be part of their Fresh Talent promotion in their stores. Read more about it here:

Fresh Talent Spring 2016

I will be having a launch party on the official release day at the Waterstones where I work and I was so excited to see the window they create to promote it. My first bookshop window:


The book is starting to get reviews – cue nervous face!!! – in the press and I was delighted that Look magazine recommended it to their readers this week:


I am just hoping that people enjoy reading my book. Thank you so much to everyone who has followed my journey to publication so far. To mark one week to go I have made a new video talking through how I got my book deal and all the ups and downs of getting published. Hope you enjoy!!

I really appreciate all the support I’ve had from you guys!

Lots of love,





Journey to Publication (part 6)

There is just THREE weeks until the official publication date of 7 April. The Second Love Of My Life is almost here!!!

I received a box of author copies last week. Look how gorgeous they are:

To mark the countdown to release day, I have set up a YouTube channel. I’ve often been asked on here whether I was going to ever do a vlog so I thought this was the perfect time to try one. I’m talking about the pre-publication nerves I have. Long time followers on here will know how much of a worrier I am so I need some advice on how I can just enjoy this time.

Please do share and subscribe if you enjoyed watching!

There are lots of exciting things coming up as we draw ever closer to publication day and I will be sharing them on here as they happen.

In the meantime, don’t forget to pre-order the novel – all the links on the The Second Love Of My Life page and the short sotry prequel is out already if you’d like a taste of the world of novel – links on the The Summer I Met You page!

 Thanks for all your support so far!!