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It’s Publication Day, Baby!

Well, that came around quickly, didn’t it? I don’t think any writer ever enters publication day without a mixture of excitement and nerves, and I am no exception. It’s always scary to put your work “out there”, hoping that readers will enjoy it and like what you’ve created. It’s terrifying to look at your rankings and think about sales figures. And reading reviews is something to do when you have a large slice of cake on hand!

But it’s also a hugely proud moment to see something you’ve written out there for all to read. It’s always a dream come true each time it happens. I feel really lucky to have another story published and I really hope you all enjoy reading it. Please do pop up a review if you like what you read, and sharing the book online with your friends and family really helps to spread the word as well.

And if you have downloaded the story why not read along to the playlist I’ve created on Spotify:

Download Random Acts Of Kindness Part One for 99p HERE

Thanks, as ever, for all your support! 



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