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Books read in … September 2018

Last month, I read four novels (and also got this fab mug!!):

I read Our House because it was The Waterstones thriller of the month and there are lots of twists and turns, particularly a good shocking ending.

The Miseducation Of Cameron Post had sat on my shelf for a long time but when I saw it was now a film, I thought I’d finally read it. It’s a interesting coming-of-age story about a young lesbian who’s sent to a conversion camp. It could have maybe been a bit pacier in places though.

The After Wife is a really original love story about a robot sent to live with a grieving family. I found it moving and would recommend it for sure.

My favourite read though was The Immortalists. It’s a family saga essentially about four siblings who visit a fortune teller when they’re young who tells them when they are going to die. The story is about how this prediction affects their lives. It’s dark and sad and original and I was caught up in the book’s world from the start. The characters and the questions about life and death were compelling and it’s one that I’ll keep thinking about.

What did you love reading in September?



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