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2019 Books: June

I only managed to read four books this month as I’ve been busy writing and editing my own! I read three novels and one non fiction book – a funny memoir by comedian Jack Whitehall and his dad.

I picked up The Little Cafe in Copenhagen because I love all things Danish and it’s a cosy, cheerful escapist read.

Marlena is a story of an intense teenage friendship and how it changes both their lives. It’s a dark story, one of addiction and a bleak small town, but there’s hope at the end and it’s beautifully written.

My pick of the month though is this book:

The Queen Of Bloody Everything is a Coming-of-age novel, about a mother and daughter who move to the suburbs and become entangled with the family living next door. Although it deals with dark subjects, there’s also a fairytale like feel to it as the main character likens her life to characters in books. Her voice is what you connect to and you root for her to find that much sought after happy ending.

What did you enjoy reading in June?



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