Coming Home to Glendale Hall

Start your Christmas reading at Glendale Hall!

It’s November, which means we can all start getting festive, doesn’t it?! And it definitely means we can start our Christmas reading …

I’ve been really excited by the response so far to my new book Coming Home to Glendale Hall, which is set over Christmas in Scotland.

This week, I got my first ever bestseller flag on Amazon! Look at the pretty orange. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, bestseller author Heidi Swain read the book and loved it!

I’ve had lots of lovely messages asking me if there will be a sequel to Coming Home to Glendale Hall so I wanted to let you know on here that YES THERE WILL!! All the details including the cover and pre-order links are coming very soon I promise.

In the meantime, if you enjoyed book one please leave a review on Amazon and tell your friends so we can bring everyone into our cosy Christmas club and make them all look like this






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