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Just TWO days to go now .... The Summer I Met You 💕   

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Penning a short story

Writing a short story is very different to writing a novel. It's something that I haven't tried a lot of because my focus has always been on longer pieces of writing but I enjoyed writing Dancing in the Fire. A short story allows you to get straight into the story - there is no space for heavy… Continue reading Penning a short story

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The month I become a published writer!

We are now in February and that means these are my last weeks as an unpublished writer! Dancing in the Fire will be released on the 26th of this month and I'm excited and nervous for people to be able to read it. This story is a real example of how many highs and lows you… Continue reading The month I become a published writer!

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Valentine’s week: Love through a lens (a short story)

Today I'd like to share a new short story I've written to celebrate Valentine's Day. I hope your day is full of love! Love through a lens I flicked through the photos on my laptop. I smiled at the long golden stretch of sand in front of the picture perfect white house. I had even… Continue reading Valentine’s week: Love through a lens (a short story)