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It’s not mine, it’s yours 

The journey of a book is an interesting one. It begins with just a writer and an idea. The start is a solitary one. You write your story alone never really knowing how it will end, whatever stage of your career you’re at.

But as time moves on, other people join the journey. Your critique partners or beta readers, your agent, your editor, your publishers … the book shifts its shape on every step of the journey. As you edit based on feedback, the book grows and develops, and hopefully improves.

And then your draw closer to publication day, the final part of your book’s journey, and there are no more changes to be made. Your book is ready to be unleashed into the world.

The book no longer belongs to you, the writer. It now belongs to the reader.

You can’t do anything now. People will read it and each of them will gain something different from it. When I read a book, I rarely think about the author (unless I know them I suppose) – I just think about the story and what it means to me.

And so I’m saying goodbye to my book The Second Love Of My Life and passing it on to you all.  

I hope the two of you will be great friends.



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