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How do you put positivity into action? 

This week, my year of positivity has hit shaky ground. Fed up of worrying about health issues and not focusing as much as I wanted to on editing my new book, I’ve not been in the best frame of mind. I wish I didn’t find it so hard to stay positive when weeks go this way but I do. 

I’ve been trying to steal some positivity and inspiration from other people. But it’s easier said than done. I admire them, I agree with what they say but then I go back to my life after leaving their story and struggle to change a thing! 

I really enjoyed this article by C.S Larkin (@livewritethrive) on how to be positive as writers. Read it here:

I really liked her idea of ‘faith it till you make it’ – so by telling ourselves we can and will be productive and overcome any obstacle in our way, then that belief will make it happen. This idea has come back to me time and time again reading non-fiction books. That by making positive statements like “I can finish editing this novel by the end of the month” and even writing it down, sticking it by your laptop and repeating it to yourself everyday, then you’ll believe you can do it and so you will do it. 

I seem to be collecting a fair few self-help and inspiring true stories to read. I’m definitely hoping that following advice from people who have put positivity into action then I can too. But it still feels just a theory to me. It’s as if I know what I need to do but I’m still stumbling with actually doing it. I am shaking my head at myself as we speak! 

I don’t know how to reprogram myself into not worrying, not being negative, not focusing on things going wrong etc into a brain that is positive and optimistic, focusing on good things, who believes that everything will work out okay. I just hope acknowledging that I am the biggest barrier to being positive is that first step in the right direction. But what is my next step after that? 

So, do you guys have any ideas? How do you turn advice from people into actions by yourself? How do you make positivity happen?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below!



8 thoughts on “How do you put positivity into action? ”

  1. I totally agree that positive thinking is the way forward – esp when you’re writing a book! It all starts with changing your beliefs. I also think when you’re not feeling productive, it can help to just accept that and know it will pass. Listing my achievements (big and small) helps me get into action too. I’m really enjoying your posts – thank you!

    Monica x

    1. I agree – you can’t force positivity if you’re just not in the right place but hopefully by trying you’ll be in the right place more often I guess. Great advice – thanks Monica! X

  2. When it comes to writing, the thing that always keeps me motivated – no matter how demoralised I get – is to remind myself that the people who don’t succeed are the ones who give up in that moment. Carrying on may never make you successful, but giving up at that point in time *will* make you someone who didn’t achieve their goal. That always seems to work like a shot of adrenaline for my determination and I bounce back fighting.

  3. Sometimes we just need to show a little compassion to ourselves and remember that we’re only human – the bad days will happen! Curl up with a good book and drink some tea, and then forge ahead. I find it’s much easier to be positive after I’ve acknowledged the negative feelings, perhaps written about them in a journal. xx

    1. Ugh yes I know I’m way too hard on myself! Hmm maybe I should start up a journal. I just worry it would all be negative haha! I’d have to keep reminding myself to add in the positive too 🙂 xx

  4. Hi Victoria,
    I’ve read The Second Love of my Life a few days ago. I can’t put into words how much I loved every word of it. It’s truly inspirational, full of hope and so moving. You are an incredibly talented writer, I don’t like to make comparisons, but here it’s necessary: Your writing style very much reminded me of Paige Toon, who’s books I adore.
    I checked out your home page in the hope of reading when your next book would be released only to find out that you didn’t even have a book deal at the moment! Life is so unfair, I can’t believe you haven’t been snapped up by one of the big publishers long ago! I really hope that The Second Love of my Life wins the Romantic Novel of the Year Award so that you will get the recognition you’ve earned.
    I was also astonished to read about your self-doubts, though I should know better. I struggle with the same problem. Just let me say one more time that your book really is one of the best examples of its genre.
    I wish you all the best for your writing career!

    1. Oh thank you so much! I am tearing up! I’m so pleased you enjoyed my book and took the time to message me. Haha fingers crossed I’ll be able to tell you about a new book soon. And yes self doubt is the worse but I fear it’s the curse of all writers. Why do we do it to ourselves?!! I’m really so grateful you liked my book and thank you so much for getting in touch. Lots of hugs xxx

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