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Books read in October 2017

Last month I read three novels alongside a biography and another Danish lifestyle book. I really enjoyed all the books – Little Fires Everywhere is a compelling story of family secrets, True Love is a cute romance with lots of loving nods to Jane Austen, and Lykke is an interesting analysis of happiness.
The two books that stood out the most to me though were The Little Big Things and Turtles All The Way Down. 

The Little Big Things, is the true story of Henry Fraser who was paralysed from the shoulders down and his journey to accept what happened. His story is so inspiring, he’s so positive and grateful, and his mouth paintings are amazing. I would definitely recommend checking it out. 

My book of the month is John Green’s Turtles All The Way Down. I raced through the story of Aza and it has all that you expect from a John Green book with its metaphors, teens who speak like philosophers, discussions about the meaning of life and a bittersweet ending. It’s not perfect – the plot stand of a missing billionaire didn’t quite work for me, and it’s impossible not to compare it to the gorgeous Fault In Our Stars but I really enjoyed it, and I’m pleased we finally got a new book from the author. Following a huge bestseller is no easy task and I think he did a great job.

What did you read in October?



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