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An Act Of Kindness 

When I started to write my Random Acts Of Kindness serial, I looked at a lot of Kindness stories online, and each one always warmed my heart but it’s often easier to remember the times when the human race is less kind. When you look back on your day, it’s often the frustrations that stick out. The person who pushed past you on the train, someone who hit you with their bag, someone who jumped the queue, or a nasty comment online. It’s not often that you sit back and reflect on a moment of kindness, which is a real shame.

I wanted my kindness story not to be a list of Acts Of Kindness but a story about how being kind can make your life better. Kindness is good for us, as well as others. Being kind makes you feel better as well as the person you’re being kind to. 

At the start of the story, a woman loses her handbag but it is given back to her by a stranger. This act makes the three main characters think about how to add more kindness into their lives, and brings them together.

Yesterday, my book became real when I experienced this exact same act of kindness. In a twist of fiction becoming reality, I dropped by handbag in Primark (I think it slipped off my leather jacket) and I experienced that sudden panic you get when you lose something. I ran around the shop to try to find it, spoke to staff and security, and decided it had been stolen. 

Then one of the shop assistants appeared at the top of the escalator holding my bag, having seen me drop it, and had been trying to find me in the store. What a huge feeling of relief! I even hugged her, I was so grateful. 

As I left the shop, and could calm down, I realised I had experienced the same act of kindness as my main character. Kindness really is everywhere if you just open your eyes to it. I hope the universe sends my kind stranger something good, and I hope I get to pay her act of kindness forward to someone else soon.

And now maybe I’ll get to meet an eligible, good-looking Lord just like my main character does . . .!

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