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Dear 2018

It’s that time again when we look back on the year as a new one begins. I must admit I’m not sorry to see the back of 2017! On top of my thyroid issues, someone drove into the back of me giving me whiplash and I had to go to A and E twice, having never been in my life before. But on the other hand, I also got a new book deal and part one of my serial was published just a couple of weeks ago.

I’m hoping that 2018 is a kinder year. Obviously I’d like my four part serial Random Acts Of Kindness to do well. I think all writers dream of that bestseller list. I’m thankful for all the good reviews it’s received so far, and fingers crossed that continues and word of mouth spreads.

Above all, I’d like the year to be a happy and healthy one. I really didn’t think my thyroid could cause so many issues but it’s an ongoing battle to be on the right medication and feel like myself again. I would also like to be less anxious about my health and try not to let stress get me down. Easier said than done but I will try!

Last year, I wanted to be more positive and this is still an ongoing goal. There’s a whole host of new books coming out on self-care and, along with kindness to myself and others, I think that’s a good focus for the New Year too.

As a smaller goal, I’d love to reach 2,000 followers on my instagram this year. I’ve really enjoyed the app and photography is lots of fun so I’d really like to carry on posting regularly and building that up too.

I hope that you all have a happy new year and that 2018 is everything you hope it will be. I’d love to know your goals for this year so please do share in the comments!



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