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Books read in … August 2018

This month I ended up reading a few murder mysteries as I fancied a change from women’s fiction and YA. I had had some on my TBR shelf for a while so I thought it was about time I picked them up!

I’ve been meaning to read more Agatha Christie so I read my first Marple Mystery – The Body in the Library. The Mitford Murders is about the fictional nursemaid of the Mitford sisters playing sleuth when someone they know is killed on a train. The Trouble with Goats and Sheep is set in the 1979’s heatwave where someone goes missing and two ten year old girls try to find out what happened.

My favourite read of the month was The Man In The Brown Suit. It’s a stand-alone Christie novel and is more adventure than her typical murder mysteries plus there’s a romantic element to this one.

I loved plucky Anne, the main character, who uses a suspicious death she witnesses as a catalyst to sail to South Africa where she meets a host of new friends, and falls in love with the mysterious man in the brown suit but one of them is a killer. It was a lot of fun and different to other books I’ve read by the author. I will definitely pick up more Agatha Christie in the future!

What did you guys read in August?



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