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Five reasons why your book review is important

Most authors will at some point mention reviews to you. If they are on the ball, they will instantly ask you to write one if you tell them you loved their book. They might tweet asking for reviews or pop a note in the back of their book to ask. Whichever way they do it, I guarantee that every author has asked someone to write a review for them.

Why do authors ask for reviews then?

Most authors write a book because they want it to be read and one way you can increase the chances of more people reading a book is by having lots of reviews of it.

Basically more reviews = more sales.

Reviews are REALLY awesome for authors because they help boost a book’s chance of success.

So, why should you post that review?

1 – THEY help other readers decide whether to buy a book. If you see a book has lots of good reviews, you’re more likely to buy it because you’re more confident it’s worth your time and money!

2 – THEY make a book more visible. Most people are certain that reviews make it more likely that Amazon will send out recommendation emails for it. Some people say you need a magic number of 50 but that’s unproven. It’s clear though that if Amazon sees a book becoming popular, it will help boost it further.

13 five star reviews so far on Amazon for my novel Summer at the Kindness Cafe – I would love to reach 20!

3 – THEY help get the book into promotions: some promotions or sales rely on the number of reviews a book has to go ahead because they show that the book is worth promoting and that customer satisfaction is high. A book is more likely to be selected if there are more reviews for it so if you like 99p books, keep reviewing them!

4 – THEY make the author happy – every writer hopes people will enjoy their book so by posting that review, you’re giving the author a chance to see how much you loved their work. And that will give them a boost to get writing the next one for you!

5 – THEY make you feel good – by posting a review, you’re helping a book you enjoyed find more readers. How cool is that?! By taking a minute to post how much you loved a book, you’re helping the author and other readers, and that act of kindness will put a smile on both their and your faces.

So, when you finish the book you’re currently reading, pop up a review on Amazon when you’re done and help that book fly!

Review Summer at the Kindness Cafe right HERE.

Who’s going to post a book review after reading this? Hit like below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻



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