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Random Acts Of Kindness Challenge

To mark publication day for Part One of my Random Acts Of Kindness series, my publishers Simon and Schuster set me a kindness challenge. I hit the streets of London with some goodie bags to try to spread some kindness on a rather gloomy Monday morning. Check out the below video to see how I… Continue reading Random Acts Of Kindness Challenge

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Unearthing gems in London

I am lucky enough to live a short train journey from London but I must admit I don't often take the time to explore new areas. Perhaps I'm not alone in missing things that are on my doorstep but as with most things in life if you take the time to look around you, you… Continue reading Unearthing gems in London

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Courtesy Costs Nothing and Benefits Everyone

That was my secondary (high) school motto and I think it was a good motto to have. When you learn, work or live with other people you should consider them in your actions and the world would be a far more pleasant place if people respected that. unfortunately, working in London has made me think that courtesy is a… Continue reading Courtesy Costs Nothing and Benefits Everyone