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I saw this quote online and I just loved it instantly. I remember how hard it was to start telling people that I was writer who was writing a novel and who wanted to have it published one day. I remember the fear that came with declaring myself to people I know and then people I just met.

I still get nervous saying the words “I’m a writer”. I think it’s because in saying it we are revealing a large piece of ourselves. We write because we are passionate about it, writing is part of our hearts and souls, writing is part of a dream we may have had since we were little and to tell people about it is a really big deal. There is also the fear of how people will react. Often the words are followed by a lot of questions – what do you write? Would I have read anything you’ve written? Do you have an agent? Do you have a book deal? Are you the next JK Rowling? etc.

We experience so much self-doubt in our writing that talking about it is difficult. We lack confidence generally as writers and telling people who we are and what we do requires a leap of faith in that moment – it requires us to confidently declare ourselves and that’s hard.

But I agree with this quote that by declaring ourselves we put ourselves on the path we need to be on. By telling first yourself then others you will start to believe it, and will work harder to achieve the goals you have as a writer. People will ask you where you are on your journey (hopefully supportively!) but it’s not about pleasing them but pleasing yourself.

I see a lot of bios on social media using the words ‘aspiring writer’ and I long to message the person and tell them if you write, you’re a writer – do not aspire to it, be it, live it and be proud of it. But I’m pretty sure I used those very words myself at one time. Choosing the life of a writer is choosing an uncertain life – there will be ups and downs, there will be fear and rejection, there will be difficult questions, there will be times you want to give up but hopefully you will see your dreams come true and the journey to get there will be a worthwhile one.

Not many people get to live their dream so if your dream was to be a writer and you’re writing then be proud as hell because you’ve made your dream come true.

No matter what your goal as a writer is – to write 1,000 words, to finish a book, to find an agent, and so on – it begins with saying those four words:


Are you??



7 thoughts on “I AM A WRITER”

  1. As Master Yoda teaches us: Write. Or do not write. There is no aspire. πŸ™‚

    I’ve had people apply that “aspire” tag to me, and I quickly but firmly set them straight. I am doing exactly what I want to do. My only aspiration is to get better at it.

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