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“The End”

I finished writing my new book this week. I took a photo of the words “the end” to celebrate this fact but, of course, this was a complete lie. 

Until a book appears on the shelves, there will be constant editing, tweaking and proof-reading to try to make it the best it can be. But finishing the story in full for the first time is cause to celebrate. You have a beginning, middle and an end! Yes, it needs work but the story is there. As they say – you can’t edit a blank page.

It took me five weeks to write this book. I feel exhausted now to be honest! I was addicted to writing it, it poured out quickly, and I felt that buzz of excitement that I felt writing my debut novel The Second Love Of My Life (just 99p now on Amazon UK!!

Reaching “The End” is a massive achievement and I think as writers we should always mark and celebrate it. Getting a book published will always be hard work and we will always struggle with self doubt so giving ourselves a moment to stand back and say “hey, I wrote a book” is important. Especially because we become so goal-motivated in this business – “when I get an agent”, “when I get a book deal”, “when I have a bestseller” etc. It shouldn’t always be about the BIG goals but rewarding ourselves for the smaller ones too. After all, we can’t ever have that bestseller if we don’t keep on writing our stories.

I am definitely guilty of focusing on the big goals and beating myself up if I don’t get there or worrying I never will so I’m really pleased I posted about finishing this book. It will always be something special to have written a book no matter how many we have written in the past and I hope none of us ever forget that! 

Do you celebrate when you reach “The End”? 



7 thoughts on ““The End””

  1. Congratulations on finishing your draft! That’s so exciting! It is a very special feeling indeed x

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