AUTHOR Q & A // On writing the next Glendale Hall Book!

To mark finishing writing book 4 in my bestselling women's fiction series GLENDALE HALL, I asked for questions on social media and I've answered the first ten I recieved. Find out about book four, my favourite parts of the series, my writing process and inspiration for it, and much more in this new video on… Continue reading AUTHOR Q & A // On writing the next Glendale Hall Book!

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What it’s like to be a FULL-TIME author & my next chapter…

Marking six months being a full-time author with a video talking through what it's really like to do this as a job! The pros and cons, the ups and downs of being an author, my journey to becoming a full-time author, what it's like working at home, and I also reveal what I'm writing next… Continue reading What it’s like to be a FULL-TIME author & my next chapter…

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How I write 4,000 words a day

How do I write 4,000 words a day?! I made a video to you behind-the-scenes of writing my books, my writing desk and routine, my top tips for being productive either writing or working-from-home in general, and finding out what routine would work for you. I hope it inspires you, gives you some tips and… Continue reading How I write 4,000 words a day

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Cosy Writing, Cosy Life

Hello all! So, today I wanted to talk to you about how my books are often described as being 'cosy'. I actually love this as a description because I enjoy all things cosy and to know that my books have left you with a happy, warm glow at the end of reading them just really… Continue reading Cosy Writing, Cosy Life

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Writing Bestselling Women’s Fiction

I'm back with another video for you guys! Hope you aren't sick of me talking yet haha. This time, I took part in a panel chaired by my publisher Hera books featuring two other women's fiction authors - Kiley Dunbar and Lisa Swift. We are talking all about women's fiction - how we write, what… Continue reading Writing Bestselling Women’s Fiction

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Author Interview with Isabelle Broom

I'm really excited to share an interview I did with author Isabelle Broom this week on YouTube. She has a fabulous series on there where she talks with other authors to make the publication of her latest novel Hello, again, and we had a great chat all about my Glendale book series, lockdown, author pets… Continue reading Author Interview with Isabelle Broom


My First Three Months as a Full-time Author

When I handed in my notice for my part-time job as a Waterstones bookseller, I had no idea that I wouldn't work my final week in my bookshop, nor would I get to say goodbye to colleagues over leaving drinks because during that final week, all non-essential shops were closed by the Government as the… Continue reading My First Three Months as a Full-time Author

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Why there is a letter in all my books

I read a review recently of my new novel Coming Home to Glendale Hall and it mentioned the fact the main male character writes a letter explaining his feelings, and they pointed out that this happens in Jane Austen's Persuasion and I wanted to hug the person who wrote it! Because there's a reason why… Continue reading Why there is a letter in all my books